About VAP Auto Shop in Tulsa, OK

VAP Auto Shop is a family owned and operated transmission and auto repair repair shop. Located in Tulsa, OK. Our full service automotive facility prides itself on being the best and providing the best service to all of our customers.

We've always intended for our shop to be a friendly place where you can bring your vehicle and know it will be fixed right by people that care about you and your safety.

Travis, Owner of VAP Auto Shop

About The Owner

Travis Vreeland originally attended Tulsa Tech in 1993 to study aircraft repair. In 1994, he switched his studies to automotive repair. Upon graduation from OSU, in 1995 Travis went to work for an established independent Porsche repair facility. And it was his work at the Porsche repair facility that fostered a love of working on automobiles—during his employment there he was able to attend several Porsche club events and he also became involved in racing OSU Tech 1995-96.

Subsequently, Travis went on to work as a technician for a Ford dealership where he obtained several certifications to work on Ford vehicles. From Ford, Travis went to Unit Rig/Terex where he became an A-Class Assembly Technician in just six months—where his work involved assembling and trouble-shooting large prototype mining trucks. Following Unit Rig, Travis went to Volkswagen/Audi and obtained his Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification as well as his VW/Audi certifications. After VW/Audi, Travis worked as a drivability technician for General Motors (GM) and obtained his GM certifications as well as management training. Travis went on to obtain several certifications for Land Rovers and other foreign vehicles, which only added to his impressive resume.

After having worked for several major automobile dealerships, obtaining numerous certifications and gaining the skill to work on a wide range of vehicles, Travis decided it was time to open his own shop in 2005. Word of mouth got around about the high quality of work VAP produced and the business grew. In January 1, 2010, Travis opened his new shop of 8,000 square feet. His new customer waiting room was decorated by a professional. Travis also signed up with a large automotive consulting firm, which created even further growth for his business.

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