Eco-Friendly Auto Repair in Tulsa

At VAP Auto Shop, we work to do a dirty job as cleanly as possible. Our eco-friendly products and procedures—from recycling to buying in bulk—help minimize our impact on the environment, while you still get the most out of your vehicle. Believe us, it is possible to love the planet and love cars.

Eco-Friendly Auto Repair Service in Tulsa

What It Means to Be a Green Auto Repair Shop

Green auto repair shops operate in a more environmentally responsible way than your traditional service station. We work to comply with all environmental regulations in Tulsa, and to meet or exceed recognized standards for conserving resources, preventing pollution, and minimizing waste. Here are just a few of the practices and procedures that can make auto repair shops more eco-friendly:

  • Recycling and buying recycled products
  • Using less toxic products
  • Using energy efficient lights
  • Remodeling with eco-friendly materials and low-VOC paint
  • Conserving water with faucet aerators and high-efficiency toilets

The state of Oklahoma allows auto repair shops to throw used oil filters in the trash! Here at VAP Auto, we collect all of our used filters, drain them, and recycle the oil to reuse.

At VAP Auto Shop, we’ll save your car, and we’ll do what we can to save the environment, too! To make an appointment for auto repairs or maintenance, call our shop in Tulsa or contact us online.