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Vap Auto Shop is HONEST!

"VAP is an honest and fair mechanics shop. They always get the problem solved and offer great price comparisons. I really like that they offer you options on repairs to prevent future wear and tear on your vehicles. They aren't out to jack up the price and just get your money. These are guys you can trust."

— Amanda C.

Very Pleased

"As we know women and mechanics usually do not mix. we know what we need but dont know how to fix it. I recently had 2 rounds of work done to my pride and joy a 2002 Bonneville SS. I did not choose Vap my husband did from reading reviews on line.. I am a very skeptical person but I went with my husbands advice. But WOW!, I am pleased, I feel I was treated very well, and they showed me what work they did so I could understand, also I feel the prices were very fair, and I will definitly use them again..As a matter of fact I will be having little things done here and there because they do not make this car anymore and I want to stay on top of the maintenance .Thank you Vap Auto"

— Mary N.

My favorite shop

"I wrecked my vehicle a few months ago and I called VAP the next morning. Travis was very concerned about my welfare and after making sure I was ok he sent a tow truck after it within a half hour. My vehicle was totaled but he still helped me deal with my insurance company and arranged for a rental car for me. He won a customer for life."

— Matthew B.

They saved my truck!!!

"I brought my 2001 F150 to Vap Auto Shop with a coolant leak and the skillful technicians diagnosed my problem exactly. They found out that my intake manifold was broke on the inside lip of the coolant package. The repair was done in a timely manner and done professionally and accurately . I am very pleased with the job that they did, and the waiting room is very clean, they have coffee and cookies and water . They have a customer for life! I will be recommending them to everyone that i meet. Vap Auto Shop Rocks!!!!!!!"

— Alan F.

Tulsa's Best Auto Shop

"VAP is, in my honest opinion, the best auto shop in Tulsa. Travis and his team are friendly, extremely knowledgable, and very good at getting things done properly in a timely fashion. Another major plus with VAP is that they don't string you along or lie to you about whats wrong with your car; good or bad, they tell you the honest truth and let you know approximately how much its going to take to fix. I highly recommend them to anyone who is needing car service done; you won't find a better shop in the city, possibly even the entire state."

— Caleb W.

"VAP Auto Shop has always done a great job! They are always very fair and reasonable, and their work is done right. I appreciate their honesty and will always bring my cars to them in the future!"

— Nicole W.

"I have used VAP for several years and several vehicles. No matter what the problem is, they always have provided an excellent solution at an excellent price. I've referred all my friends there, and they too have become repeat customers. Every time I go in there is new equipment, and since I've been there he's outgrown his shop twice and had to upgrade. Definitely an A+!"

— Matthew H.

Natural Born Technician

"I've been going to VAP auto shop for 3 years now. Travis (owner) is not only reliable and informative, he carries a strong integrity. He cares about the industry as well as his customers. He's clean, very easy going, and has a huge sense of humor. He makes customers feel comfortable right from the beginning. He represents some of the highest quality products. Ones that you CANNOT get in a retail store. VAP is fairly new and has started from scratch, but has grown fast over the past few years. I hope to see several of these shops around oklahoma in my lifetime."

— Jason B.

Friendly, knowledgeable, excellent service--what more could you want?

"I recently bought my first (and hopefully not my last) Saab and needed to find a good place to have it serviced. From the condition of the car, I was pretty sure the previous owner hadn't bothered with the 60k maintenance. I found VAP listed in a Google search for Saab repair in Tulsa, along with a couple of other places. So I called all of them for quotes and to schedule service, and the other two either were too busy or didn't have the necessary stuff in stock. Hmm, that definitely swayed my decision a bit! The first thing I noticed when I brought my car in next morning was a big beautiful Jag in front. I thought, if these fellas can work on a Jag, then they should have no problem with my Saab! Jim (not sure of the name, sorry?) was very courteous and knowledgable and had given me a reasonable quote on the phone of $550--that's about $250 less than I'd expected, to be honest. I appreciated being treated like a customer and not just "some dumb woman", as I'm sorry to say the attitude had been in a few of the shops I have taken cars to in the past. When I retrieved my car at the end of the day, the total was actually lower than the quote and the car is driving great. I hope I don't have to return any time soon, but I will definitely call VAP first if I have any issues with my car. I will also recommend them to my friends and co-workers because they offered straightforward rates and did excellent work. Thank you!"

— Jenny S.

"Having just moved to Tulsa from California I needed to find a reliable, professional, honest, knowledgeable and reasonably priced auto repair shop. Pretty tall order, huh? Well, after doing some extensive internet research and interviewing several shops, I chose VAP Auto Shop to diagnose and correct a persistent problem I had been having on my PT Cruiser.

The small family owner, super clean facility near the Broken Arrow/ I-44 interchange has a comfortable waiting room or they are willing to shuttle you elsewhere, if need be .Everyone was very pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable from the owner Travis, Service Manager Jerry to Jeff the mechanic. There are lots of plaques on the walls indicating extensive training and they have a sophisticated computer to assist with diagnosing issues.

They did just that, figured out the problem pronto and thankfully all it turned out to be was needing was an old fashioned tune up. Ruby was ready to be picked up in a day and they even came to my home to get me! Also, they provide internet shop account access, an interesting feature I hadn't even seen of in CA.

Costs? Well, I am sure there are plenty of cheaper shops out there as this repair cost about $400 but I have not had any further sputtering, engine failure or problems since. They did just what I asked them to do and fixed the problem, even at $80 an hour for a mechanic. They even wrote me a Thank You note afterwards with a discount coupon for my next visit!

Diagnosing a automobiles' problem is an art and can be tricky, finding a good shop that you sense is honest and dependable is a joy."

— Jay S.

"Travis Vreeland owns and operates perhaps the best auto shop I've ever been to. It's clean, well kept, and the labor prices are the best anyone in Tulsa could ask for from a legitimate shop. However, the most impressive things about VAP Auto are the technicians. Travis is an honest man. Fixing and tinkering with autos are two of his greatest loves, and he sincerely wants to give his customers..."

— Daniel R.

"The care VAP takes in the work they do has always impressed me, and it's what keeps me coming back. It's obvious that automotive work is more than just a business to the owner, Travis, and that attitude is the order of the day around the shop. Also, they are an AMSOIL dealer, which is a big plus in my book."

— Paul R.